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I know many readers do not like her books. I am not one of them. I love these books. I am not someone that reads everyday and runs to the bookstore when a new books comes out , Not saying anything is wrong to do that. I don't like many fantasy books or even vampire books for that matter. I am more of a factual or reality reader I do not normally like fiction, fantasy, or sci-fi books. I LOVED THIS WHOLE SERIES!
The story of first and true love is so well written, Yes, I know  many reviewers are not happy with how she wrote the book. I can only review what I thought and how the story touched me. I am such a twilight fan its not even funny. For those of you that don't know what the story is , if there is any out there This is my review on the books .
Twilight . ( Book 1 )
This is a story of how a girl , Isabella Swan moves to Forks to live with her father. It is a rainy town and dull town with normal everyday life. Until, she met Edward Cullin, He is Mysterious and secretive. Both are drawn to each other for unknown reasons. Edward has a secret. He is a vampire that is in love with a human. How does Bella react?  Read to find this out. Stephanie Meyer does an excellent job in showing how the readers can feel on both aspects on how Bella and Edward fall in love and are willing to do whatever it takes to be together and keep each other safe.
New Moon (Book 2 )
Edward and Bella love story continues. Something happens that makes Edward leave Bella , Believing he is protecting her from getting hurt. Bella is crushed and cant imagine that her life can go on. Her heart is broken . Bella realizes she can test Edward's protection for her come back. In a sense that only she can understand and see. Unexpectedly, she grows feelings for her Indian friend, Jacob that has his own secret, Is there a new love starting to brew?  Readers are torn to which person we want Bella with. Is Edward  gone for good? Has Bella moved on with Jacob?  If you are looking for the answer to that here... Not going to to get it
Eclipse  ( Book 3 )
The story continues  Who will Bella choose? Jacob or Edward?? Her decision will affect so many lives. Why? You would know this if you read the other books . I am not stating the obvious . Remember the review is also for those not familiar with the story.  The Vultori is more in to the story than the others. They are the leaders of the vampires so to speak that other vampires must answer to,, They realize Bella knows their secret. What happens? Do they kill her.? What must she agree to? How does Jacob React. .. The story makes your anxiety level rise . I got so caught up with the characters You know them by now. how they will react. I was so invested to them Excellent read. Cant wait for next book. How far does Bella go . Edward gets mislead thinking his precious Bella is dead. He feels he cant go own without her and feels guilty for his decision to leave her defenseless without him. How far will Bella go to save him in return?

Breaking Dawn ( Book 3 and 4 )

Bella and Edward love story continues. Cant go in detail as to what happens cause I don't want to give it away and tell who and why Bella chooses from above. So the only way I know how to do that and give a good honest review is to put it like this.
there is a wedding proposal and a wedding.   Honeymoon and pregnancy. Bella ends up making a choice that will change her life forever . She is forced to admit she is in love with both Jacob and Edward. Which one does she love more. Who does she ultimately choose. Regardless, who she chooses she must transform herself to a vampire, werewolf or just simply stay human.
What changes faces her?  what happens to her baby if she becomes pregnant?> Can she say goodby to the other man in her life that she doesn't  choose.?  What happens to her and her family when the Vultari accusations and they solve it by death?  Will she ever be truly happy again.
You find all the answers to all theses questions. After reading the saga collection you are left fulfilled and wanting more.. Not like you were cheated to not know how it ended . Stephanie Myer fills that completely . She ends it well. What I felt after reading it  is I wanted it to continue. I don't ever want this story to end.. I love the characters and want to know what happens to their children, grandchildren, and so forth,
Overall I give this story 5 stars because it grabbed my attention quickly kept it . Where that is very hard to do.

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