Wednesday, September 16, 2015



This is such an adorable story. It starts off with momma bear calling baby bear to come in and sleep. Baby bear would rather build an igloo. Of course when baby bear is in the bed.. There are a lot of questions. As most of "our" baby bears do when it is time for bedtime, baby bear in this story tries everything he can think of to stay awake .. glass of water.. bathroom.... read story and another story....

Here is an insert from the book I thought was cute.

"Aren't you going to pray?
"Of course, " Mama said, touching her nose to the Little Cub's
"For a good night's sleep."

Then Baby bear is scared he might a bad scary dream. Mama shares the importance of that's why we pray for good dreams and good rest.

Another insert of the book

" No matter what happens tonight, Little Cub,"
Mama said, " remember that God is the Maker of imagination -- where our dreams come from. He can give you a good sleep."4

The story goes on and baby bear finds the importance of what a good night sleep does for you the  next day.
I like the way the author does not address whether Baby Bear is a boy or girl. That way this book is for either sex. It is a hardback book and easy for little ones to read. There is no age limit on this book. Pictures are very inviting and the cover is adorable.
I gave this 5 star. very cute and can not wait till I have grandchildren of my own to read it too since my children are grown.
I received this book from Blogging for Books for an honest review of this book

Monday, September 7, 2015




Way to go to author Angela Hunt!!! You did a fantastic job bringing the biblical characters to life.

This is one of my favorite books I have read. If you like books that you get lost into where you feel what the characters feel and don't want to put the book down this one is for you. The book is written in first tense in a way its almost like an autobiography. The chapters are not in number form as most books are. Each chapter either has the name Bathsheba or Nathan. Whosoever name it is will be who is speaking for that chapter, may sound a bit confusing but it is very easily determined.  

The author really brought this story to life. We all know the story of David and Bathsheba. I thought I did after reading this book I realized i forgotten some things or never really thought much about it. I reread the story in my bible and saw what was written in this book feel exactly what is written in the Bible. The only 2 things I couldn't find was King David having red hair and Where Bathsheba' s nickname for their son Solomon. Other than that everything is spot on.
 Everyone wants to put so much blame on Bathsheba but what did she do exactly? She was bathing as most woman did after their menstrual cycle she did not know a man yet alone the king was watching her.  The king did summon her and forced her to come to his room. People tend to forget you did not say no to a King back then in fear of being killed. So what option did she have but to do as she was told.King David in fact raped her unfortunately.

We as Christians tend to forget that a lot of people that we look up to and read about did do bad things. as Christians today do the same but God can and will forgive them.
You feel and learn how Bathsheba felt, See the story unfold through her eyes without anything being changed that what was told in the old testament. It is just brought to a more simpler form to where almost any age can read. When it changes to what the prophet Nathan saw and did his visions. You can see them and feel and yearn to know what will happen next. While reading this book, I found myself wanting to keep reading so I would know what happened, even though I know the story have read it many times but not in this context. I got so involved which resparked me wanting to reread the story in the bible. Great Job Angela Hunt. I even would google things to see pictures of the terebinth tree 
that Nathan sat under. This book really but a whole new aspect to a visual in reading books.
Even if you are not a christian you will still enjoy this book and I pray that it will put interest into reading the bible and becoming a christian.

Here are the first few  sentences from the beginning of the book. First chapter is Bathsheba:
 Spring, 996 BC
 The first time I saw King David, I was sixteen and he was behaving like a man possessed. The procession carrying the holy Ark of the Covenant was moving slowly down the street where we lived, and the pageantry of the parade mesmerized me. Scores of musicians preceded the Ark -- trumpeters, harpists, men who played the lyre, and singers with fine voices -- and dozens of the somber priests walked alongside them, their faces a study in reverences and sobriety.
   Then I caught a glimmer of sunlight on a cherubim's golden wing. I clutched my fathers arm and wondered if I should hide my face from such a sacred site, but before I could ask, a rising cloud of dust caught my attention. 

  another part from the book for you.. This part is after Bathsheba and King David's encounter in his chambers so to speak. The prophet Nathan is speaking about a vision that Adonai gave him. For those that do not know, Adonai is the Hebrew name for God.
    I had not seen everything in my vision. In His mercy, Adonai had spared me the violence of what must have happened after David learned the woman's identity, but I had seen enough to know that the Lord's anointed king had coveted a beautiful woman and sent for her. If David had only lusted, Adonai would have forgiven him,and the Lord would not have shown me the event. 

What I shared with you from the book is just a taste and that is in the begining . This book covers so much more than just the encounter of David and Bathsheba. It will tell about Abigail,Tamar, David's other wifes. How his son murder and how Absalom tried to take King David's throne and succeeded.  How King David had to suffer for the rape. Solomon being promised to me the next king and build the temple. Bathsheba's sister Amaris being crippled and her marriage later, and King David's death and after.
 Do your self a favor and read this book or give a gift to a friend. 
 *** Quote from the book to leave you with
Have mercy on your servant. Let me see what you would have me to see, hear what you would have me to hear, but remember I am only dust. Spare me what can be spared, but let me face what I must in order to serve you.
I received a Review Copy from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review and the options I have expressed are my own.

The book is 377 pages which includes 4 pages of references  that the author used for the book, 4 pages of an authors note  that Angela Hunt goes into detail and quite interesting to read about her progress on writing this book ect, and 2 pages of discussion questions that I believe you are to ask your self or others that have or have not read this book to discuss.