Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Five traits of a Christ-follower by Doug Nuenke

Five traits of a Christ-follower by Doug Nuenke
This is a cute pocket-sized paperback book that you can carry almost anywhere. Instead of chapters like most books have you have Traits. There are 5 traits explained in this book, Under each trait is more explanation of what each trait is . Pretty clever I think.There is so much knowledge put together in this 79 paged little book. Here are a few inserts to give you an idea.
Fruits of Living with Jesus
_______Joe Brown            
I am the vine: you are the branches. Those who remain in me , and I in them,will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.  JOHN 15:5 NLT

THERE'S A DIFFERENCE, in our world today, between calling yourself a Christian and being connected to Christ. As a young Christian I memorized John 14;21.

Interested now???? I thought so . After I read the first part of the book that is above. I could not put the book down. I must admit When I first got this in the mail I was a bit disappointed by the size of the book. I personally like bigger books and that are hardback. But I do not need to give this book a bad review based on my personal preferences. There are so many ways you can apply this book and learn from it in your life along with the most important book of all of course is the Bible.  Each sub chapter is not but 2 pages so it does not take but just a few minutes to read. I found myself applying them to my everyday life. The Bible is your Main meal but this book is such a great snack to eat throughout the day.
Five traits were so simple to apply I really enjoyed this book.
First trait is  Walking with Jesus
Second trait is :Knowing and Living the Scriptures
Third Trait is Participating in the Community

If you are finding yourself wondering what the other 2 traits are then you need to get his book.
Under each trait goes more into detail and scriptures put so simple that pretty much if you can read it you can apply it. You find yourself doing it on your own.
I really enjoyed the Five Traits of a Christ Follower and belive that everyone should have this book to their own library. Would even be a great gift to add to your visits to sick family members . Bring it with you and read it on everyday trips to the bus. It will change your way of viewing your outlook.
 Another insert of the book I will share with you is below
If we're going to win people to know Christ, then let's win people. 

The end of the book is where you get a list of contributors and gives a bit of interesting facts of the person  
The Author Dr. Doug Neunke serves as the Navigator's U.S. president. He is passionate about helping his friends to know Jesus and to help others know him. He enjoys developing leaders who reflect the Lord Jesus, and he loves to fish--- for people and trout.
 ISBN 978-1-63146-455-3
Here is a link to check it out on Amazon It will not be available until November 1st

Five Traits of a Christ-Follower: Doug Nuenke, Jerry Bridges: 9781631464553: Amazon.com: Books

In case you are wondering how I am able to review the book prior to it being available for purchase. I received the book from Tyndale Blog Network to read and review in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Even though I received this book at a discounted rate it did not influence me on my review, my reviews and opinions are truly my own.

Monday, October 12, 2015



I was a little shocked when I got this book. I thought that it was for children.. So when I found it it was not I was a little disappointed. But I can not  post a bad review due to me misunderstanding. So here it goes. This would be great for a gag gift or someone that has a sense of humor. I would not recommend this book for kids. It does not have cuss words but the nature of the book is just not my personal cup of tea. The illustrations are more on the kid like tone but made for adults. I received this book at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review... I received this book from Blogging from books.