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Salvage Yard of Souls: Justice Prevails? by [Gibson, Joyce Carol]

SALVAGE YARD OF SOULS  Justice Prevails??

I bought this book as a Ebook the day it became available.  Print copy will happen in the future. I must admit I could not put this book down. To be honest I was up till 4 am before I forced my self to put it down. I did not pick up the book until 2 days later only due to I had to get things done because if I picked up the book prior to doing daily duties that needed to be done they would be neglected. 

The ebook is  565 Kb
Print copy will be 291 pages
Publisher is Brighton Publishing LLC; 
Based on a true story. 
 So many feelings on this book after reading it. As soon as I finished the last word of the last chapter I instantly wanted to write a review.
The story is a true story. Everything in the book is true . Only the characters  and the descriptions have been altered. Honestly, I need to share something. It is hard for me to read a book , any book, without my mind starting to wander and go to other thoughts. It is very hard for me to concentrate. I end up having to reread things for it to go into my brain. I find it VERY hard to pay attention to things. I did not have this happen to me during this book except one time. That one time was during a part in the book when Toni, the main character was talking about her husband. It just brought up some memories of my dear friend and I during childhood.
One of my favorite parts of the book is where Toni recalls when she met Loretta Lynn. Here is a part of the book that I copied and pasted.

"One of my most memorial times recorded proved my naivety. I was fourteen years old and working in my grandfathers restaurant. I liked working there because I could listen to the jukebox. We weren't allowed to listen to the radio or watch television, but the jukebox helped business.
Loretta Lynn came in with her husband and their preschool twins. I enjoyed hearing Loretta sing, but I had never seen a picture of her. She was hosting a rodeo nearby. I did not know it was her when she gave me a quarter to play the jukebox."

The story goes more in detail of how they met that day. It made me stop and think how we all need to be reminded to often to have the eyes and heart of a child. Fourteen is still a child in my eyes.
There are so many things in this book that can people can relate to. Whether you are a male or female. Child or adult. Christian or an unbeliever. Member of crime or Member of the police force.
One thing is in common we seek for answers and justice
I felt emotions after reading this book that I never thought a heart could feel. You mourned for the pain Toni felt and Demi endured.  I wanted JUSTICE for them. Here is information that I copied and pasted from Amazon about the book.

Her unrelenting quest for justice in a corrupt system paves the road to Toni’s destruction. This is based on a true story of the injustices endured by a na├»ve jailer who subconsciously seeks resolve for crimes committed against her and her daughter in the early part of a bad marriage.

With a set distinction of right and wrong, and a stubborn will to never defer, Toni finds herself trying to police the police. After a decade of working at the sheriff’s department, Toni has recorded a plethora of wrongs by law-enforcement agents and the services for children. Because she knows too much, the sheriff and some of his followers diligently seek her fall.

What they do not know is that Toni has kept an ongoing journal since her teenage years. She carried a voice activated, mini-cassette tape recorder with her from the day she was interviewed for the job at the sheriff’s department.

Toni is harassed, arrested, and almost destroyed, but her attorney assures her that the journal is proof enough of the corruption, and evidence enough to win her case against the sheriff.

When the attorney turns on Toni, she is left with a decision to make. Physically and emotionally exhausted from the battle, defeated by politics, and spiritually wounded, will she seek justice on her own terms or will she allow God to have His vengeance? Her strong belief in God and her search for the right path has played an important part in her life so far. Forgiveness is essential, but so is justice. Is there a way to obtain both in the salvage yard of souls?

... Justice prevails?

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Another thing I liked and thought was very interesting is, that  prior to each chapter there is a poem that has a relationship to what went on the chapter previously and the chapter you are getting ready to read.
I had the opportunity to talk with the author and got a quote from her. Below is this quote.
"This is a true story. EVERYTHING in this story is true. Only the names have been changed and the descriptions of characters.' That is a quote from the Author Joyce Carol Gibson.

I found myself having a respect for the character of Toni. Toni has more strength than I believe she may know or realize. Toni became an inspiration to me. I have gained a respect for this character that I think we all can learn from. Demi her daughter has taught me the true meaning of forgiveness.
Most importantly this story has taught me the true meaning of hope and faith. How Trusting in God can and will change your life and like Job in the bible. .. Keep your eyes on the Lord and you will be able to endure anything.
The cover does the book justice in my eyes, because it does bring your attention knowing immediately that the story is about justice and at least a crime. It did bring me to me interested to at least read what the story is about. For those that do know me know I am not a reader that just reads any kind of genre of book. I like true crime, autobiography's, and Christian books.

If you find yourself wanting to know more you can read the first 3 chapters for free before buying the book. I would love to know your ideas on this book and what you may think about it. As always I welcome comments.

Click link above and click on the book on Amazon. You must have a kindle app to read the 3 chapters for free first. If you do not have a kindle app.  CLICK HERE FOR FREE KINDLE APP 

I highly enjoyed reading this book. I look forward to read the next book that Joyce Carol Gibson will write . Or who knows maybe this will be the next movie or tv drama..
Cant wait to see the future of the author.