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Every Little Thing: A Flat Vernacular Coloring Book Paperback – November 3, 2015 by Payton Cosell Turner

Every Little Thing: A Flat Vernacular Coloring Book Paperback – November 3, 2015 by Payton Cosell Turner

The pages are made from thick card stock so do you not have to worry about your gel pens or markers bleeding through.
The cover is inviting with bright colors and having the option to color the cover and inner covers too is pretty cool.
The artist is Payton Cosell Turner is a part of Flat Vernacular, a Brooklyn-based wallpaper studio.
Throughout the book it is a bit different, kinda like a kaleidoscope style. It is not my favorite style. My personal preference is more of a traditional style. Either way it is a cute book with lots of animals and designs to color and have your imagination soar.

Image result for every little thing coloring book    
Overall I give this book a 4 star rating. Well worth spending your endless time going into the world of coloring. The reason I did not give this a 5 star is there are several pages that the author colored in certain parts of the book. I think it takes away from the whole point of a coloring book. I do not like to have my choice taken away from me of what I want to color.

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The Time Chamber: A Magical Story and Coloring Book (Time Series) Paperback – October 13, 2015

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Five traits of a Christ-follower by Doug Nuenke

Five traits of a Christ-follower by Doug Nuenke
This is a cute pocket-sized paperback book that you can carry almost anywhere. Instead of chapters like most books have you have Traits. There are 5 traits explained in this book, Under each trait is more explanation of what each trait is . Pretty clever I think.There is so much knowledge put together in this 79 paged little book. Here are a few inserts to give you an idea.
Fruits of Living with Jesus
_______Joe Brown            
I am the vine: you are the branches. Those who remain in me , and I in them,will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.  JOHN 15:5 NLT

THERE'S A DIFFERENCE, in our world today, between calling yourself a Christian and being connected to Christ. As a young Christian I memorized John 14;21.

Interested now???? I thought so . After I read the first part of the book that is above. I could not put the book down. I must admit When I first got this in the mail I was a bit disappointed by the size of the book. I personally like bigger books and that are hardback. But I do not need to give this book a bad review based on my personal preferences. There are so many ways you can apply this book and learn from it in your life along with the most important book of all of course is the Bible.  Each sub chapter is not but 2 pages so it does not take but just a few minutes to read. I found myself applying them to my everyday life. The Bible is your Main meal but this book is such a great snack to eat throughout the day.
Five traits were so simple to apply I really enjoyed this book.
First trait is  Walking with Jesus
Second trait is :Knowing and Living the Scriptures
Third Trait is Participating in the Community

If you are finding yourself wondering what the other 2 traits are then you need to get his book.
Under each trait goes more into detail and scriptures put so simple that pretty much if you can read it you can apply it. You find yourself doing it on your own.
I really enjoyed the Five Traits of a Christ Follower and belive that everyone should have this book to their own library. Would even be a great gift to add to your visits to sick family members . Bring it with you and read it on everyday trips to the bus. It will change your way of viewing your outlook.
 Another insert of the book I will share with you is below
If we're going to win people to know Christ, then let's win people. 

The end of the book is where you get a list of contributors and gives a bit of interesting facts of the person  
The Author Dr. Doug Neunke serves as the Navigator's U.S. president. He is passionate about helping his friends to know Jesus and to help others know him. He enjoys developing leaders who reflect the Lord Jesus, and he loves to fish--- for people and trout.
 ISBN 978-1-63146-455-3
Here is a link to check it out on Amazon It will not be available until November 1st

Five Traits of a Christ-Follower: Doug Nuenke, Jerry Bridges: 9781631464553: Books

In case you are wondering how I am able to review the book prior to it being available for purchase. I received the book from Tyndale Blog Network to read and review in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Even though I received this book at a discounted rate it did not influence me on my review, my reviews and opinions are truly my own.

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I was a little shocked when I got this book. I thought that it was for children.. So when I found it it was not I was a little disappointed. But I can not  post a bad review due to me misunderstanding. So here it goes. This would be great for a gag gift or someone that has a sense of humor. I would not recommend this book for kids. It does not have cuss words but the nature of the book is just not my personal cup of tea. The illustrations are more on the kid like tone but made for adults. I received this book at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review... I received this book from Blogging from books.

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This is such an adorable story. It starts off with momma bear calling baby bear to come in and sleep. Baby bear would rather build an igloo. Of course when baby bear is in the bed.. There are a lot of questions. As most of "our" baby bears do when it is time for bedtime, baby bear in this story tries everything he can think of to stay awake .. glass of water.. bathroom.... read story and another story....

Here is an insert from the book I thought was cute.

"Aren't you going to pray?
"Of course, " Mama said, touching her nose to the Little Cub's
"For a good night's sleep."

Then Baby bear is scared he might a bad scary dream. Mama shares the importance of that's why we pray for good dreams and good rest.

Another insert of the book

" No matter what happens tonight, Little Cub,"
Mama said, " remember that God is the Maker of imagination -- where our dreams come from. He can give you a good sleep."4

The story goes on and baby bear finds the importance of what a good night sleep does for you the  next day.
I like the way the author does not address whether Baby Bear is a boy or girl. That way this book is for either sex. It is a hardback book and easy for little ones to read. There is no age limit on this book. Pictures are very inviting and the cover is adorable.
I gave this 5 star. very cute and can not wait till I have grandchildren of my own to read it too since my children are grown.
I received this book from Blogging for Books for an honest review of this book

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Way to go to author Angela Hunt!!! You did a fantastic job bringing the biblical characters to life.

This is one of my favorite books I have read. If you like books that you get lost into where you feel what the characters feel and don't want to put the book down this one is for you. The book is written in first tense in a way its almost like an autobiography. The chapters are not in number form as most books are. Each chapter either has the name Bathsheba or Nathan. Whosoever name it is will be who is speaking for that chapter, may sound a bit confusing but it is very easily determined.  

The author really brought this story to life. We all know the story of David and Bathsheba. I thought I did after reading this book I realized i forgotten some things or never really thought much about it. I reread the story in my bible and saw what was written in this book feel exactly what is written in the Bible. The only 2 things I couldn't find was King David having red hair and Where Bathsheba' s nickname for their son Solomon. Other than that everything is spot on.
 Everyone wants to put so much blame on Bathsheba but what did she do exactly? She was bathing as most woman did after their menstrual cycle she did not know a man yet alone the king was watching her.  The king did summon her and forced her to come to his room. People tend to forget you did not say no to a King back then in fear of being killed. So what option did she have but to do as she was told.King David in fact raped her unfortunately.

We as Christians tend to forget that a lot of people that we look up to and read about did do bad things. as Christians today do the same but God can and will forgive them.
You feel and learn how Bathsheba felt, See the story unfold through her eyes without anything being changed that what was told in the old testament. It is just brought to a more simpler form to where almost any age can read. When it changes to what the prophet Nathan saw and did his visions. You can see them and feel and yearn to know what will happen next. While reading this book, I found myself wanting to keep reading so I would know what happened, even though I know the story have read it many times but not in this context. I got so involved which resparked me wanting to reread the story in the bible. Great Job Angela Hunt. I even would google things to see pictures of the terebinth tree 
that Nathan sat under. This book really but a whole new aspect to a visual in reading books.
Even if you are not a christian you will still enjoy this book and I pray that it will put interest into reading the bible and becoming a christian.

Here are the first few  sentences from the beginning of the book. First chapter is Bathsheba:
 Spring, 996 BC
 The first time I saw King David, I was sixteen and he was behaving like a man possessed. The procession carrying the holy Ark of the Covenant was moving slowly down the street where we lived, and the pageantry of the parade mesmerized me. Scores of musicians preceded the Ark -- trumpeters, harpists, men who played the lyre, and singers with fine voices -- and dozens of the somber priests walked alongside them, their faces a study in reverences and sobriety.
   Then I caught a glimmer of sunlight on a cherubim's golden wing. I clutched my fathers arm and wondered if I should hide my face from such a sacred site, but before I could ask, a rising cloud of dust caught my attention. 

  another part from the book for you.. This part is after Bathsheba and King David's encounter in his chambers so to speak. The prophet Nathan is speaking about a vision that Adonai gave him. For those that do not know, Adonai is the Hebrew name for God.
    I had not seen everything in my vision. In His mercy, Adonai had spared me the violence of what must have happened after David learned the woman's identity, but I had seen enough to know that the Lord's anointed king had coveted a beautiful woman and sent for her. If David had only lusted, Adonai would have forgiven him,and the Lord would not have shown me the event. 

What I shared with you from the book is just a taste and that is in the begining . This book covers so much more than just the encounter of David and Bathsheba. It will tell about Abigail,Tamar, David's other wifes. How his son murder and how Absalom tried to take King David's throne and succeeded.  How King David had to suffer for the rape. Solomon being promised to me the next king and build the temple. Bathsheba's sister Amaris being crippled and her marriage later, and King David's death and after.
 Do your self a favor and read this book or give a gift to a friend. 
 *** Quote from the book to leave you with
Have mercy on your servant. Let me see what you would have me to see, hear what you would have me to hear, but remember I am only dust. Spare me what can be spared, but let me face what I must in order to serve you.
I received a Review Copy from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review and the options I have expressed are my own.

The book is 377 pages which includes 4 pages of references  that the author used for the book, 4 pages of an authors note  that Angela Hunt goes into detail and quite interesting to read about her progress on writing this book ect, and 2 pages of discussion questions that I believe you are to ask your self or others that have or have not read this book to discuss.

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Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo

This book tells the tale of  of  a 4 year old child Colton that lives in Nebraska. Family is a very tight knit family. In case if you have seen the movie, I was impressed how closely they went by the book.
Colton has to undergo a surgery and next thing you know he is seeing things that his father did during the surgery. His father is a pastor and gets mad at God. Alot of people can relate during a sickness or death.
Colton has an out of body experience and knew things that he couldn't of known. Such as his mother having a miscarriage and it was a girl. Knowing his fathers grandfather. Through his son the family and the church community finds peace and grace.
This book is based on true events. Coltons father is author of this book. I enjoyed this book thought is was very  cute.
Included in this book are pictures.
I give this book 3 stars
Anyone will be able to enjoy reading this book or have the book read to.

Paperback: 163 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson; Original edition (October 31, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0849946158
ISBN-13: 978-0849946158
Product Dimensions: 5 x 0.6 x 8 inches

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Enjoying Where You Are on the Way to Where You Are Going by Joyce Meyer

Enjoying Where You Are on the Way to Where You Are Going 

by Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer is one of my favorite Christian authors 
I relate to her so much. God really uses her to explain things in a way that any woman can relate to and receive Gods word. I am so thankful for what the gifts God has given her teach others and she choose to use those gifts. Well, enough of me talking about Joyce lets talk about this book.
As most things with Joyce she finds a way to simply things and I am all for that, Less confusion and misunderstandings  the better. This book is filled with advice for almost any situation regardless of your age sex and problem you may be having.
Don't just take her word for it. As Joyce usually does she will give you where to find it in the bible and better than that she will list the verse and break it down for understanding.

Book is paperback and 206 pages.


One of the better study guides out there. I like how it stays very clear as to what to do when you read. I like her approach on how to study the bible. The way she teaches she simplifies what most people makes difficult and helps you to become more focus on what your are reading how to understand it and less discouraged.
Helps those who needs a study guide for the bible.
I gave her a 4 star and not a 5 star is because the best way is to ask God for wisdom and understanding before you read the Bible . and you will get it. But nevertheless, a Great study guide to help anyone that needs that.
This book would be very good for youth groups or first-time beginner bible readers or even teachers to use to help their classes in my personal opinion

Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers; Reprint edition (January 1, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0736953434
ISBN-13: 978-0736953436


Beautifully Illustrated pictures. I had to say that first because it is so true. This cupcake would make the first time baker make cupcakes look like they have done it for years. Filled with 230 pages of step by step instructions that are simple enough that if you can read you can do it.
The ingredients are not uncommon ingredients. Makes you feel like you are being taught by an instructor in culinary college but in a very simple way. This is one of my favorite cookbooks. I made a lot of the cupcakes when my children were younger and everyone including the teachers loved them. I took great pride knowing what was in them I do not like processed foods.
The Author Karen Tack is a cooking instructor  and a food stylist for Good Housekeeping, Womans Day, Parents, and many more magazines.

Even if you do not have children or are grown. When it comes to cupcakes  everyone turns young. I give this cookbook 10 stars.
The pictures in this book  make it very easy to understand what to do
Do yourself and everyone around  you a favor and buy this book



I have read, bought, and borrowed many books like this one. Like most of us have in this world. Every relationship has problems. I believe any marriage can benefit from reading this book. Gary Chapman hit the nail on the head with this one. I know that is said in many of the reviews on this book, but it is so true. The stories are so relatable that it almost makes you feel like you are talking to your best friend complaining about what did or didn't get done. Then the author finds some way to put you into what the other person is feeling seeing and expressing. It isn't at all what you were thinking.
Gary Chapman breaks things down so simply that you find out which love language you are and which one your mate is. Once you know that it can stop many misunderstandings which leads to most arguments, resentments, and breakups. Now, this book isn't magic but it does make it where you understand the opposite sex a lot better and how to speak to your mate without yelling or bringing up the past. Which we all I believe needs to learn to do.
He gives you the stepping stones on creating a better marriage.
What sets this book apart from the rest is that it is based on the failures and successes of his own marriage of his wife Karyoln that he has been married to for 45 years. So that in itself is what makes it relatable to anyone that reads this.
It is not based on many studies or textbook but real life, real people, real problems, and real fixtures.
Even if you are not married yet or just in a relationship. This book is still worth reading.
This book is meant to read understand and apply it to your situations. If your heart is genuine you will find that you will apply the advice without even thinking about it. I believe every couple must have this book in your library apart from the Bible.

Pages are 204

Then Sings My Soul by Robert J. Morgan

Then Sings My Soul 150 of the Worlds Greatest Hymns Stories
by Robert J, Morgan

This Book is so cute. 307 Pages full of hymns that most people are familiar with, such as Rock of Ages, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and one of my personal favorites The Old Rugged Cross.
This book is more than just a traditional hymnal that we all can find in most churches. It is quite more. One thing that makes it different is it gives the hymn on the left side of the page. and on the right It will have the name of the song, a verse from the Bible that is relevant to the hymn and a brief history of the song. Who wrote it, when was it written and sometimes what happened to have the song written, and it ends with another verse from the Bible to sum it up.
The book has many traditional Christmas hymns such as O Little Town of Bethlehem, Good King Wenceslas and Silent Night.
The Author didn't leave out an American hymn My Country tis of thee and National Anthem of the United States The Star Spangled Banner.

There Are some Songs I was not familiar with and I enjoyed looking them up by Google or You Tube.

The pages were adorable made to look like old torn on the edges paper. I thought that was very creative and took me back in time in my mind.

At the very end of the book the songs are listed in Alphabetical by title, and if that wasn't easy enough to find your song you are looking for,
Also I know the first line of some hymns but have no clue what the name of them are..... well you can look at the back of the book and it is listed by the first line of the hymn and where to find the page. That was so creative I have never seen an author do this before.

A little about the author.:
Robert J. Morgan
He is a pastor of the Donelson Fellowship in Nashville Tenn. where he ahs served for more than 20 years.
He did a great job with the book. Very Impressed.

If you are looking for hymnal and would like to know more about the history behind them this is the book for you
I rate this book 4 stars

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This book is absolutely adorable. It is an adult coloring book. I didn't even know they had such a thing. I have always loved to color. I remember coloring when I was a child on my dads books with crayons. I didn't like to see things in black and white. When I had children I was excited to color with them. I have 2 boys so I had to learn to color boyish themes to make them girly. Only to be fussed at my kids to make them manly.
The cover is what made me choose this. I was so surprised and excited when I received this book to review. Immediately I got my colored pencils out and started to color.
Not only is this just a coloring book but it is a story.
A little girl is curious and takes a magical journey inside of a cookoo clock and finds out there is a world beyond. What does she encounter? So much beyond her imagination with fairies and wondrous trees to climb, cities to visit. and she invites you to go along with her.
I personally would suggest investing in a good set of coloring pencils or even markers. I wouldn't suggest crayons. There are a lot of fine lines that the thickness of a crayon would make it very hard to stay in the lines. 
 I wouldn't recommend this book for young children. They will get discouraged I think it would be difficult for them. It is meant for more of a youn
Markers would be great as well. The pages are thick enough so the colors won't bleed through. 
 This book is beautifully illustrated by best-selling Korean pen and ink artist Daria Song, She made it so easy to get caught up in her world and release your own imagination to color for all to see. 

At that moment, she realized that her house had transformed into something different, something that looked like the exotic new clock from Germany. Just as she recovered her senses, she caught a glimpse of the red-haired fairy dashing away. The girl started to run after the fairy, and soon found herself in a world of fantasy and dreams. 
As she continued her journey, she saw a series of beautiful worlds one after the other, each full of mystery and allure. The girl and her fairy friend continued their adventure until she finally encountered the doorway back to reality.

The cover of the book, as I said earlier got my attention. It has gold inlays for the leaves. So pretty and inviting for you to open the pages and give it color. I am excited to show this to my friends and family when I have it colored. It would be such a great conversational piece. 
Please get this book You will not be disappointed Let your inner child live and start to help you remember what it was like before you had to grow up.
I would love to tell you more about this book, but to be honest I want to go back and color. 
P.S. There is a sequel to this book called The Time Chamber.
looks like I see a new Amazon purchase coming soon..

Publisher: Watson-Guptill
Pages: 80
Target ages: 10 and up
Release date: September 1, 2015

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a copy from Blogging for Books. I was not required to write a positive review. The options I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.g adult to adult to enjoy.


The Lovely Bones

I haven't seen the movie when I read the book. I love this book< Immediately I felt what the main character Susie was thinking and feeling. I couldn't put the book down. I even got the audio book so I could hear Alice read it to me. After that, I watched the movie. The movie was good, but It didn't follow the book like I would have liked. It was ok, but the book was so much better.
Basically, you find out in the first few sentences of the book that Susie Salmon is 14 years old and is murdered. You find out very quickly who the murderer is. It is a neighbor that lives a few houses down. I didn't give anything away. As I said all of that information is revealed within the first few paragraphs.
Throughout the book, you learn what happened and realize that her murderer might get away with killing her. Are there more victims. You also at the same time feel what Susie feels and her parents friends and family. It becomes so real that I found myself searching on google to see if this was a real story. It could have happened. The author herself was a victim of rape. I think she realized some of what she may have experienced in this book. I hope she founds peace.
Does Susie finds peace?
Will her dad be able to convince the police that their neighbor killed his daughter? Does her murderer get away with it? Is justice ever done?
How does Susie's sister cope with always being in the shadow of her murdered sister?
Will Susie ever be able to enjoy her heaven and give up on her life on earth?
So many questions... All the answers are in this book. Do yourself a favor read this book. Even if you have watched the movie... Read this book you will see how many things are different in the book and why it is better.