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This book is absolutely adorable. It is an adult coloring book. I didn't even know they had such a thing. I have always loved to color. I remember coloring when I was a child on my dads books with crayons. I didn't like to see things in black and white. When I had children I was excited to color with them. I have 2 boys so I had to learn to color boyish themes to make them girly. Only to be fussed at my kids to make them manly.
The cover is what made me choose this. I was so surprised and excited when I received this book to review. Immediately I got my colored pencils out and started to color.
Not only is this just a coloring book but it is a story.
A little girl is curious and takes a magical journey inside of a cookoo clock and finds out there is a world beyond. What does she encounter? So much beyond her imagination with fairies and wondrous trees to climb, cities to visit. and she invites you to go along with her.
I personally would suggest investing in a good set of coloring pencils or even markers. I wouldn't suggest crayons. There are a lot of fine lines that the thickness of a crayon would make it very hard to stay in the lines. 
 I wouldn't recommend this book for young children. They will get discouraged I think it would be difficult for them. It is meant for more of a youn
Markers would be great as well. The pages are thick enough so the colors won't bleed through. 
 This book is beautifully illustrated by best-selling Korean pen and ink artist Daria Song, She made it so easy to get caught up in her world and release your own imagination to color for all to see. 

At that moment, she realized that her house had transformed into something different, something that looked like the exotic new clock from Germany. Just as she recovered her senses, she caught a glimpse of the red-haired fairy dashing away. The girl started to run after the fairy, and soon found herself in a world of fantasy and dreams. 
As she continued her journey, she saw a series of beautiful worlds one after the other, each full of mystery and allure. The girl and her fairy friend continued their adventure until she finally encountered the doorway back to reality.

The cover of the book, as I said earlier got my attention. It has gold inlays for the leaves. So pretty and inviting for you to open the pages and give it color. I am excited to show this to my friends and family when I have it colored. It would be such a great conversational piece. 
Please get this book You will not be disappointed Let your inner child live and start to help you remember what it was like before you had to grow up.
I would love to tell you more about this book, but to be honest I want to go back and color. 
P.S. There is a sequel to this book called The Time Chamber.
looks like I see a new Amazon purchase coming soon..

Publisher: Watson-Guptill
Pages: 80
Target ages: 10 and up
Release date: September 1, 2015

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a copy from Blogging for Books. I was not required to write a positive review. The options I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.g adult to adult to enjoy.

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