Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tortured For Christ. By Richard Wurmbrand


I really loved this book. I LOVE books that are based on a true story.  For those of you that do not know who Richard Wurmbrand is, here is a little about him. He used to be an atheist when he was younger and is now a Christain. He tells his story of what happened to him during his life when he was a Paster in an Underground church in Romania.
What happened to him in this book? What did he do?  How did they worship God in a country that was not Christian?
Were there many killed? These questions are answered and many more in this book,
This man along with others encountered so many things that  we all think would be easy to do. 
I believe all Christians should read this book, and of course anyone that isn't. 
This book is very humbling and  I felt so emotional reading this. 
Very inspiring book. 
I give this book 6 stars 

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