Thursday, August 6, 2015

Such a Pretty Girl , by Laura Wiess

 After I read the first paragraph, I knew I would love this book. Its about a girl named Meredith that learns her father is getting out of prison earlier than expected. Why is she nervous about it? What happened to cause him to go to jail? Why is she upset and her mother isn't? Why is the whole town upset about him getting out and doesn't want him moving in the condos?  That my friends is the questions you will ask yourselves in the first few pages of this book.  Are you interested in reading it now?

I don't normally like books when it is about sexual abuse of children. Or to be honest, I really don't read books in general, but I could not put the book down until I finished it.And because of this book it made me so excited to tell others about it . My sisters read, write, and review books. Almost right after reading this book I created this blog. All of this interest in sharing reviews to others just from this story , I think it is pretty cool.... Anyways  ..
The way that this book was written I found my self looking through Meredith's  eyes , feeling her emotions, and understanding her thoughts and actions.
Do yourself a favor and read this book. However, I must warn you to make sure you have extra time.You won't put the book down. It kept my attention from the moment I picked the book up. I am thankful that my sister got this book, and I read it while I was visiting her, or I would have never read it. 
 This book is for preteen and above. Tastefully written on a subject most people won't talk about. No vulgarity or cussing that I remember. I like the way the author portrays what is happening or has happened without going into detail but leaves you not questioning things. I would think it is hard to do concerning children being sexually abused . How they felt as a child and facing the abuser. 
 Good job Laura Weiss. Thank you for being that voice of understanding.


  1. What a beautiful and heartfelt review! I'm glad you started this blog, and I am now a confirmed follower.

    1. Thank you J.M. I am glad that you enjoyed my review. Thank you for being a confirmed follower. Please let your friends know as well I will be adding more reviews soon. So keep Checking back.

  2. Great review, Kat! the story sounds intriguing, and this author always has pretty book covers!