Friday, August 7, 2015

What Your Dreams Are Telling You Unlocking Solutions While You Sleep. Cindy Mcgill with David Sluka


I have always been interested about dreams and what they mean. I know that dreams have meaning. That has been proven as early in biblical times. I myself have had dreams come true. I am not saying that every dream comes true but every dream does have meaning.
I have to say that there was one part that I didn't agree with. When it talks about the sinking of the Titanic here is what it says: There were 19 documented cases of dreams that predicted the sinking of the Titanic. The 19 people that had these dreams included several passengers, some of whom paid attention to their dreams and survived, while others ignored them and drowned.
That really bothered me,, One how would they know what the passengers dreamed on the Titanic and the passengers that drowned how would anyone know what their dreams were.? It may have just been the way the author wrote it.
As far as the rest of the book I have no complaints about it . Very detailed gives you several examples. I love the way the author will have the word and what it means, They way it was itemized made it very quickly to find and makes it simple for the new to dreams readers, but, not so simple to readers that are not. 
In the back of the book You have the opportunity to have a dream journal where you can have the date theme, theme, and title of the book. The dream appendix lists itemized words listed alphabetically with the meanings for quick to find meanings,
My favorite part is where it gives you examples along with verses about the dreams and dreams interpretations in the bible, And how the author tells you that God gives you dreams and interpretations and have him to consult about them when in question about them, thank you for that.

Overall I give this book 4 stars Not a bad book. Very detailed ,easy to understand, and dream journal included in the back of the book.

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