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I have read, bought, and borrowed many books like this one. Like most of us have in this world. Every relationship has problems. I believe any marriage can benefit from reading this book. Gary Chapman hit the nail on the head with this one. I know that is said in many of the reviews on this book, but it is so true. The stories are so relatable that it almost makes you feel like you are talking to your best friend complaining about what did or didn't get done. Then the author finds some way to put you into what the other person is feeling seeing and expressing. It isn't at all what you were thinking.
Gary Chapman breaks things down so simply that you find out which love language you are and which one your mate is. Once you know that it can stop many misunderstandings which leads to most arguments, resentments, and breakups. Now, this book isn't magic but it does make it where you understand the opposite sex a lot better and how to speak to your mate without yelling or bringing up the past. Which we all I believe needs to learn to do.
He gives you the stepping stones on creating a better marriage.
What sets this book apart from the rest is that it is based on the failures and successes of his own marriage of his wife Karyoln that he has been married to for 45 years. So that in itself is what makes it relatable to anyone that reads this.
It is not based on many studies or textbook but real life, real people, real problems, and real fixtures.
Even if you are not married yet or just in a relationship. This book is still worth reading.
This book is meant to read understand and apply it to your situations. If your heart is genuine you will find that you will apply the advice without even thinking about it. I believe every couple must have this book in your library apart from the Bible.

Pages are 204

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