Friday, August 7, 2015

JonBenet inside the Murder Investigation from Steve Thomas

JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation 

As many people when this tragic story came out , where so many people were so interested in this story. I know I was wanting justice for this little girl. This is one of thees books that you can not put down. I like matter of fact books. Which to me that means, not the authors opinions and thoughts but the facts of what is happening . Allowing the readers to come up with their own opinions. This book does that all. It gives the story of what happened , how the police handled, what happened what didn't happen, This was such a tragic story but it does answers alot of questions that we have that was afraid to ask. Steve Thomas gives a amazing information . Thank you, If you are interested in finding out the truth  with out being mislead  buy this book. GOOD JOB  STEVE THOMAS,
Now that you have read this review . Please say a prayer for justice for this little girl that was taken to soon.

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