Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Having A Marhta Home the Mary Way by Sarah Mae

Having Martha Home The Mary Way
 31 days to clean a house and a satisfied soul

Sarah Mae     

This is not your average cleaning and organizing book. This has nothing to do with physical cleaning. It is more so, to clean your mind and your home to be filled with love and welcoming God's grace and peace to be around you as well as be felt around you.

I struggled with this in my life and I can defiantly relate to things Sarah states in this book. I like to believe the author had went though the same struggles that I went through to be able to truly understand how I myself would see things and needed encouragement to get through the obstacles that was thrown in my way.
This book helped me , along with my Bible , to get through that.

Sarah Mae is a christian as well and the way she encourages others is so inspiring to want to do the same thing. I am so thankful for her perspective. She has a great gift that God gave her to help others.

I was never organized in anything and not the best housekeeper to be honest. After reading this book and not even meaning to I applied things that was given into this book and applied it to my cleaning and my life. I am not organized and happy. 
I learned that you can clean your home inside and out , along with cleaning your mind with your bible studies and you will find joy and peace that you never realized you lived without.

Each day Sarah writes about a different thing about cleaning in a way that you can relate and it seems just like two girls sharing stories. 

I must admit that you will put this to your way of doing things before you know it.

I received a copy of this book for reviewing purposes only. I read this book and the review is soley based on my personal opinions of this book. My words are my own and are uninfluenced and unbiased to any discount that may have been given. I did receive a copy of this book for free.


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