Monday, February 8, 2016

The Daily Walk Bible KJV

My family and I ordered this book using my Tyndale Reward points to read the bible in a year together. I am so thankful for receiving this bible. It is paperback which I prefer.
The way it is set up makes it very simple to know where to start  and what day you are on.  It also gives small side inserts of many things to think about and apply it to your day or life.
I do verse mapping as well .
I started a journal to write my notes and explain what happened in the chapter in my words. ALso what I searched and found in the internet.
At the end of the week it gives you a looking back as to what you have learned.
I was taught such a lesson. I have read many different verision of Bibles and have read it through before. So when I go to start in Genesis I was like .. I know all about this God created the earth in 7 days..
So thatnkful for the mighty God we serve to have a sence of patience with me and humour. I have learned more than I have in my life just because I took the time to listen to what the spirit was trying ot teach and show me. I may have had lots of knowledge but found out I did not have much wisdom. In order to get wisdom you can only get it through The Holy Spirit. I am continuing to read this and I am in Exodus now . I do not go by a day by day so to speak but that is just what I do.
For those that feel like they do not have time to do this you are mistaken.
The way this bible is set up you only need to set apart 25 minutes of your time. In my opinion that is not much. and with our busy lives we can and should set apart the 10% of our daily lives each day for God >. Considering 10% is his anyways.
I highly recommend this Bible whether you do your journaling or not.
I received this Bible for free using the Tyndale Reward Points on their site.

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